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Chi Hong Toys & Stationery Factory Ltd.
Need some ideas?
We aim to work with you, our customers, to understand your requirements and work together to reach your objectives.

We work mainly with bulk orders for wholesale importers and distributors, mail-order businesses, specialty stores, supermarkets and chain stores, publishing, publicity and marketing specialists in many countries. So we know from our experience that you must continually create new products,
predict and anticipate the next season.

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What will be new and attractive to your target market?

You have to have the best ideas and implement them before your competition. We would like to help you to be first to the market in your particular area!

We can work with you to share ideas, to develop the clay and plaster models, make the moulds and take the item through to production, giving you the benefit of our manufacturing experience to optimise the final product. We will quote you a competitive price and a realistic delivery time. We are also constantly looking for new ideas, and we are creating our own new items, so keep in touch.

We can also assist you with your packaging and display requirements. We can package, for example, in bulk or in individual poly bags, with or without header cards; on blister cards, in fold-out boxes etc. to suit your particular expedition distribution, and final display needs. We can make suggestions for example, for a handy counter-top display "tree" particularly suited for our key ring items, or header card packs, that can be folded to a compact shape for transport.

You will be interested in the very low unit prices of our items, ranging from $US 0.03 upwards. This makes them very suitable for promotional, bonus or gift purposes.



Various formulas for cooperation are possible. These keychains were specially made for a world renowned company to detailed artwork provided by



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