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Chi Hong Toys & Stationery Factory Ltd.
Our products - list

The following page summarises  our existing range of products. We cannot list all items here. (We have hundreds!) We also have new ideas and products coming all the time. But you can get some ideas and contact us if you need further details.
Many of our items are made from moulds that can be used to produce keychain items, pencil toppers or erasers, capsule items, or adapted to other uses - the main difference being in the raw materials, finishes or attachments. We also make items to special order, and we will help you with the development from an idea through to the production phase. We can quote you price, packaging volumes etc. to your detailed requirements.


Keychains or keyrings, capsules and vending toys, party items, printable or logo platform items; tricks / magic; jewellry; religious items; girls' beauty items; seasonal items (Christmas, Easter, Mardi Gras, other); stationery & school items: paperclips, pencil tops, mini-notebooks, rulers, set squares; plastic masks (Mardi Gras or "horrible" etc.); other toys; diecast toys; backpacks; handbags, shoulder holster bags, purses etc.



Animals / nature: crocodile, mice, rats, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, prehistoric animals, dragon, dolphins, other ocean creatures, assorted animals, barnyard animals, cows, ducks, chickens, elephants, frogs, tiger, bear, panda, bat, owls, pigs, horses, turtles, snakes, spiders, other insects and "creepy crawlies", centipedes, cockroaches, ladybird, shrimps, crabs, butterflies, flowers, fish, unicorn, various human characters.

Astronomy / planets: star, sun, moon.

Beauty: combs, mirrors, rings, hairclips, beads, plaited items, braided accessories, ponytailers.

Jewellry: brooches, bracelets, necklaces, pendants.

Religious: Holy crosses, hearts.

Fun, horror, lucky items: aliens, cyber characters, monsters, trolls, mummies, skeletons, skulls, skull & cross-bones, eyes, masks, sword, knife, pirate, ghosts, hands, spikeymen, smiling faces, rabbits' feet, tricks (eg: squirting buttonhole flowers).

Dolls: various.

Toys for boys: cars & motorcycles, aeroplanes for keychains, and larger cars, trucks, motorcycles.

Games / sports: football, baseball, badminton, ball keychains; skateboard keychains; surfboard keychains; dice; printable jersey keychains; american football, soccerball, baseball bat & ball.

Coins / money / flags: various keychains, various countries.

Food: sausage with label & keychain, icecream-on-stick, popsicle, food characters (bendable strawberry, chocolate, banana, biscuit etc.)

Cartoon characters: various

School items: / stationery: paperclips, erasers in many shapes, pencil toppers, set squares, rulers, mini-notepads.

 Our products can be supplied in many different colours, or as a selection of colours; for example, transparent, crystal, rainbow finish, neon colours; metallic: gold, silver, grey; glow-in-the-dark, matt or shiny. They can be supplied in hard or soft plastic, in eraser material, and in many cases as bendable items. We have various sizes for many of the items listed above. If you need more information, or price quotes on any of these items, or if you are looking for a new product, please click on "Contact us" for our full contact details. For guidelines on minimum order quantities.