About Chi Hong Toys webmaster

Chi Hong Toys & Stationery Factory Ltd. website has been conceived, built, and is maintained by yours truly, D@ve. I am a civil engineer by training and profession, Australian-born with French citizenship, "marooned" in Hong Kong by family commitments, but hoping to "escape" sometime soon.

In the meantime if you find this website effective, and you need an Internet presence for your company; or if you are planning to increase your business internationally, or in the Hong Kong and greater China area, please click on the following direct email link:

I have a creative mind, business sense, modest linguistic skills, and capabilities in the creation of multi-lingual websites, including in the Chinese language. I may be able to help you boost your international business. You could also visit my personal website at http://www.geocities.com/brettdrw/ for background information on my mainstream professional experience in civil engineering; and read "my other services" page for possible ways I could work with you in a business context.