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Chi Hong Toys & Stationery Factory Ltd.
Our expanding activities
We also supply other high quality manufactured toys & plastic products at keen prices!
We can also provide additional value services to save you time and effort.
1) We have recently diversified our activities to include trading and agency services to optimise your buying activities. With one visit you can meet many different manufacturers. We can source your special requirements, act as your Hong Kong agent, and minimise your freight costs by grouping your shipments. Our long experience as manufacturers allows us to bring our practical skills to benefit your business. This service is already a growing success with our long-term customer base.

2) Our knowledge and contacts in the plastics and toy manufacturing industries have enabled us to become participating partners in other specialised manufacturing companies. We can now offer a widened range of products - including backpacks, handbags, plastic and other fabric purses; Mardi Gras and Halloween masks; and a wider range of plastic toys, as well as die cast toys.






3) We are also agents for a Hong Kong testing laboratory who can provide inspection and testing certification to ASTM, full EN71 tests and food grade reports.

We offer personal service, prompt delivery, high quality and competitive prices. Please talk to us now!

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