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Welcome to the entry page for our on line catalog. You will find selection of articles produced by our factory in China.

We invite you to contact us at chihongtoys@biznetvigator.com  to obtain a quotation for products listed here, or to obtain information on any other products that interest you.
Or come and see us if you are going to visit Hong Kong or mainland China soon! To see our products click on the links below.


See our guidelines concerning "Minimum order quantities".

Each "index" page contains "thumbnail" images of each article. Click on it to see more details. When you have chosen the articles that interest you, please send us an email or fax with the following details:
- the article reference number
- the description
- approximate quantity
- any important comments such as your packaging or display requirements, shipping location, delivery times etc.
The products presented here are a small sample of our range. If you are looking for other products that may not be shown in our catalogues, please ask us. We may have them. We will transmit to you a price quotation for all the items of interest to you, upon receipt of your fax or email.


Please give us your suggestions for the future. Thank you!